We try hard to source everything that we sell, however, sometimes, due to bad weather at sea, certain shellfish may be unavailable. We will always give our customers what they ask for, however we do sell out of certain products, so it's worth pre ordering. call John - 0121 622 4391.

Cooked Fresh Daily

  • crab
    Crab (can be prepared to your requirements)
  • crab claws

    Crab Claws
  • crab legs
    Crab Legs
  • crab
    Crab Bodies
  • crab
    Spider Crabs (can be prepared to your requirements)
  • crab
    Lobster (can be prepared to your requirements)
  • crab
    King Prawns
  • crab
  • crab
  • crab

Cooked Shellfish

  • Shell on prawns
    Shell on prawns
  • Peeled prawns
    Peeled prawns
  • Cockles
  • Mussels
  • New Zealand Mussels
    New Zealand Mussels
  • Ocean Sticks
    Ocean Sticks
  • crab
    Ocean Pinx
  • crab
    Lobster tails
  • crab
    Fresh crayfish Tails
  • mixed seafood in sunbflower oil
    Seafood mix in sun flower oil
  • dressed crabs
    Prepared dressed crabs
  • crevettes
  • White crab meat
    White crab meat
  • Brown crab meat
    Brown crab meat
  • Jellied Eels
    Jellied eels

Uncooked Shellfish

  • Large king prawn tails
    Large king prawn tails
  • medium_kingprawn
    Medium king prawn tails
  • peeled and de-vained prawns
    peeled and de-vained prawns
  • head on king prawn
    Head on king prawns
  • scallop meat
    Scallop meat
  • Scampi
  • Scampi
  • blue crab
    Blue crab
  • Whelks

Live Shellfish

  • Live crab
    Live crab
  • Live spider crabs
    Live spider crabs
  • Live Lobster
    Live lobster
  • Live velvet crab
    Live velvet crab
  • Live green crab
    Live green crab
  • Live razor fis
    Live razor clams
  • Live mussels
    Live mussels
  • Live scallops
    Live scallops (in shell)
  • live winkles
    Live winkles
  • Oysters
    Live oysters
  • Live crayfish
    Live crayfish
  • Live Crawfish
    Live Crawfish
  • Surf Clams
    Live surf clams